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Photographs clicked from a moving vehicle, photographs of moving objects, photographs taken during storms, rain or very strong sunshine sometimes create very interesting abstracts. Out of focus pics or inadvertent movement of the camera are a photographer’s shame but a boon for artists. Photographing reflective and shiny objects add another dimension to the image.

Traffic photographed on an evening after the rains from a car and a pic of the Moon

Ants carrying eggs on a black granite slab and a ray of light on a computer screen


Out of focus shots of a Marigold flower and a bird on the tree.IMG_20151228_141252~2 Reverse side of a painting.

Photos clicked through a glass window.

A glass bowl on a table and a part of the chandelierDSCN0537A shot of a dog behind the wire screen.DSCN4337A black and white pic taken just before dawn

Part of a cloth bag I was carrying and moving lightsIMG_20150702_062305A moth next to a flower arrangement basket

Paintings made from photographs


These photographs were clicked in the old part of the city of Ludhiana where I spent my childhood days. The temple where I went with my mother and brothers, shops where we shopped and despite the haphazard traffic and the din, I relived my childhood.

Beautiful sunset, sunrise, rain, rainbow, birds, flowers always make me happy

The death of the Hibiscus tree, whose bright flowers never failed to cheer me and a subject of many of my drawings. It was the vantage point for the Purple Sunbird pair that had made their nest on the opposite wall,


When you are happy, interested and having fun, time flies and when you are in trouble, waiting for your results or for your turn to perform or bored, the time stops!!!!

Did the watched pot ever boil?


Samay tu dheere dheere chal

sari duniya chhod ke mein to pichche

aage jaun nikal

pal pal…….

(O Time! move very slowly

I want to overtake this world)

DSCN2806When you are having fun!:)DSCN1881When you are  sitting on a hot stove  😦 Read more…


Read more…

Car free day in Chandigarh is a good idea! | NORTH INDIA KALEIDOSCOPE

BY MEERA AHUJA CHANDIGARH: Having a car- free day in the City Beautiful is a good idea. It brings nostalgic memories of leisurely walks with friends- chatting and eating bhuttas (corn), the mad cycle races and walking to the Rose Garden or the Sukhna Lake for a picnic with family, ice cream at Yankee Doodles and meal at Mehfil or Ghazal in Sector 17. Judges at the district courts in Sector 43 here must be commended for taking the lead on March 1 by travelling to work in cycles,buses and auto-rickshaws. But in practical terms, the idea may not be all that feasible as there is not a strong and reliable public transport system in Chandigarh. The routes of the Chandigarh Transport Undertaking (CTU) do not cover all the sectors and one has to invariably take two or three buses to reach the destination. This is not only time-consuming but also expensive. The autos fleece the customers openly and brazenly as they do not use the electronic fare meters and demand exorbitant rates. Also the

Source: Car free day in Chandigarh is a good idea! | NORTH INDIA KALEIDOSCOPE


Cesar caught tearing up the curd container, relieving  himself or reaching up to lick my face just as I was clicking his photograph or his  friend caught rolling in the grass. Hands that hold the camera shake at the last moment or the object moves away. Child holding on to the fence of the animal enclosure in the Zoo. Fruit rotting on the tree. The terrifying social scenario.Huge beehive or the fallen tree. The reflection of the flash….


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