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August 5, 2013

Today’s daily prompt is back to future. I would not like to go back into the past or future. I would learn from my past and work in the present to make my future better. Anachronism is a vast subject. I will not be telling a story but sharing my anguish and bewilderment at various situations. India ,my motherland, my pride, is set to celebrate its 69 th Independence day. The most shameful anachronistic system is the caste system. What was a simple classification of the society based on traditional, hereditary professions in ancient times degenerated into a system of degradation, humiliation and atrocities on a certain section of the society. Despite teachings of various reincarnations, preachers, leaders and social workers, this tradition is still followed till date and has spread to other faiths followed in India and has created another monster of reservation policy. Reservations for certain sections of society in admission to educational institutes and jobs and promotions.                                                                In these days of computers, students still stand in queues in colleges at the beginning and end of each term to deposit fees and collection of no dues forms. People miss office to pay electricity, water and telephone bills in various offices. Queues are formed to collect rations.                                                                                                       People use firewood to cook and within few days reduce a park with lush fully grown trees  to stumps.                                                                                                             I am bewildered by the values followed by the world today .I feel so outdated. Innocence is considered stupidity, good manners equal weakness, slyness is a virtue and intelligence a curse. For personal benefits our leaders buy and sell nations and hold the entire mankind to ransom. Terrorism and wars are justified by individuals who stand to gain by these never mind the loss to humanity. Wealth ,rather money earned in any way is necessary since MONEY is the God .Image    


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