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October 6, 2013

?????????? DSCN1246??????????‘I wear what I feel comfortable in, I do not care about fashion trends.  I buy my clothes and accessories from flea market or off the rack.’ is the lie mouthed by most celebrities, who have an army of dress designers, make-up artist and all to make them look good. I, personally, like to wear clean and well ironed clothes.  My friends say that I look good in sarees, so I prefer wearing these. I wear all Indian and western clothes with equal ease.I love color in my clothes, though my summer clothes have white backgrounds. I cannot afford designer or very expensive clothes but I like to wear what is in fashion because I am hurt by people’s comments. When one is well-dressed, one does feel more confident and people do judge you by your appearance. One should dress according to the occasion. After all a very huge worldwide industry runs successfully on our need for clothes. As GB Shaw said ‘Fashion is an induced epidemic’.                                                               There was this famous personality who was denied admission to a banquet because of his inappropriate clothes. When he went to the same party in proper clothes and was offered food, he said ‘Eat, clothes, Eat.’


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