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November 12, 2013

100_1325 ?????????? DSCN1219DSCN1483DSCN0402                                                           Every time we breathe, we leave a carbon footprint and every activity on the INTERNET means a footprint on the waves.  These footprints are the traces of our existence. I am reminded of lines of a song from an old Hindi movie ‘Do Bigha Zammen’. The lines are ‘ apni kahaani chhod ja, kuch toh nishaani chhod ja, kaun kahe iss oar tu phir aaye na aaye, mausam beeta jaaye’- meaning ‘leave behind your story or a memento, who knows whether you will ever return, the time is passing. Life is a one-sided journey, we should do our best and work for the good of the society and humanity ,so that we are remembered with love and affection when we are no more. Let us be like the flowers that bloom for a brief period, giving out aroma, leaving behind pleasant memories.


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  1. M. R. permalink

    You will think me rude in the extreme – but such is FAR from my intention … I believe The Daily Post would prefer your tag to be DPChallenge rather than what you’ve set up. Well, who knows? – mebbe I’m just a halfwit. In fact, come to think of it, I must be; for I simply can’t work out how to find all the other bloggers who’ve posted under this particular DP heading. :-\
    Maybe I must have an RSS feed? Bugger. I don’t understand anything about RSS. Sighh …

    • I did not understand your comment. My photographs simply show the remains of a butterfly caught in a spider’s web, ruin of a building, abandoned beehive and so on which are traces of lives lived. In our culture, we believe in rebirths and we worship our ancestors, so much so that we set aside 15 days each year besides their death and birth anniversaries. Yes, I know it was a weekly writing challenge but that was all I could think of writing after a long hard day.

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