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January 4, 2014

Truth is not absolute, it depends on perception. For a given set of facts, no two people have same opinion. For me God is the one who creates, sustains and destroys. He is the absolute truth but so many people do not believe in His existence.      One must always endeavour to tell the truth, that is, state the facts as they are except when they can hurt or harm someone. Withholding facts also amounts to lying by omission. CESAR100_1301DSCN0282 Goddess Saraswati,in Hindu mythology, is said to endow powers of speech, wisdom and learning. So one should speak wisely using all his education.Truth is as innocent as a child’s smile and an animal’s play.


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  1. Martha Kennedy permalink

    I learned an important lesson about truth before I knew anything about Hindu mythology from a painting of Krishna and Arjuna flying in the chariot over all the layers of the earth. It was hanging in the art museum in San Diego. There was a tag explaining a little of the story. Krishna was telling Arjuna the truth about his duty. I was in a difficult place with my own family at that time. I knew what I had to do but I didn’t want to do it. I was Arjuna. That painting told me the truth I needed. It also awakened my interested in that kind of art and in the Hindu religion I’d never been interested in. You’re right; it was just there, innocently. I could have walked by, but I didn’t.

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