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January 9, 2014

My sense of style is modified by my inhibitions and to a small extent by the norms of the soceity and to a large extent by my illness and financial constraints. I love colors and wear all colors. Pastels flatter my looks. I like clean and well-ironed clothes. Though I am not able to afford latest fashions, I alter my wardrobe to keep up with times. I can’t wear high heels nor flats . Finding appropriate footwear is both time consuming and financially tough. Since I have short hair, I get a different haircut each time to alter my looks. I use only a bindi, lipstick and kajal for even formal make-up. My only jewellery is earrings ( preferably those that dangle) and gold bangles (mandatory for married Indian women). I wear sarees because I look good in these and long skirts and jeans.                                                                                                                         Due to illness, I lost touch with friends and relatives, so my social life is non-existant. I love reading, knitting, needlework and painting. I like romantic and crime books and movies. I do not like self-help books. I am the sort of person who reads the ending of the book first. For the same reason, I do not like crime/ mystery movies that do not have a logical ending or end on a question mark. I would have a happier life despite all trials and tribulations if I knew how events would happen.

I adore my family. I would rather be inconvenienced than harm anyone. I believe in God and fate but also in hard work. The changing values in the society bewilder me, how can people rape, murder, rob and hurt each other? How can one be cruel to one who is dependent on them- be it an employee, a parent or a child? The people know about the wrongdoings but turn a blind eye. We have forgotten our debts to our society, country and humanity.DSCN1246100_0987


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One Comment
  1. Namaste!

    Wonderful post!
    Though, I am sorry that your illness limits you, that is too bad. I’ve been limited by problems/illnesses before and it certainly is frustrating for me.

    Still, its good to see you still doing as much of the things you love as possible. Beautiful painting, too! I adore that piece.

    I will keep reading your work.

    Peace and love.

    In Earnest,

    King Pollux ~ Adam Kristofer Walkingstick King

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