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January 19, 2014

I read online news on my news portal ‘northindiakaleidoscope’. The third headline on January 13, 2014 was ‘SC to hear law intern’s plea against ex-judge’.                                                           A law intern has accused a former apex court judge sexually harassed her while she was doing internship with him in 2011. A sad state of affairs when the ‘Guru’ exploits his student in a country where teachers are said to be greater than God. The intern could muster courage to complain only after the judge retired. This shows the depth of rot that has pervaded our society.DSCN2188


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  1. make it bigger 😀

  2. Nature abhors a vacuum. It is encouraging that the intern mustered the courage that she did. Such strength will spread. Bit by bit, her voice will embolden others to share their voice.

    • It is a strange world. When a woman is assaulted, instead of a victim, she is treated like a criminal. She is violated repeatedly by the police, the medical staff, the press and worse, her friends and family. In office situation, she is asked to ‘handle it’ and at home, she is made to keep quiet in interest of ‘family honour’ since the perpetrator(s) is invariably a family member. Her character is assassinated. Even if the culprits are caught,they get away because the witness or the complainant turn hostile since they have either been threatened or paid off. Of late, there has been a worrying development. The families of the perpetrators are interviewed wherein they glorify him and talk of their troubles and generally garner public sympathy. Despite all this if the case is tried in the court, the slow judicial procedure defeats the victim.

      • Just did a quick search on of “indea rape”. The news is obviously unsettling. Although I am in NYC, I wonder, what can I possibly do to help? It can take generations for prejudice to get stamped out of a society. But the rampant rape and disregard in India… I am beginning to wonder if there is a grass roots approach of raising awareness. Most certainly it would involve many people and means of communication. Theater, TV, movies, blogging, social media, YouTube, face-to-face. All of these ways could be employed. It NEEDS to happen. Of course, it will happen when it is ready for it to happen. Maybe it has already begun?

  3. It is a socio-economic issue and a lot to do with the mindset of the people.I do not have enough in-depth knowledge to really discuss it but some communities are taking knee-jerk precautions by restricting the girls- their dressing, their communication (no mobile), their movement and interaction with opposite sex. Yes, there has been a huge change in the fact that the girls/women are no longer intimidated, though I can only guess at the pain and humiliation they face after that. Radical changes are possible only when the people involved- the police, the medical staff, the media become more responsible and sensitive.

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