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January 28, 2014

Not even an astrologer can predict what I will be doing on 30th July because our future is decided in part by our fate and in part by our efforts.                                                                                                                                                              I only hope I will be fruitfully employed and healthy and happy with my family.                                                        By 30th July, in India General Elections 2014 would be over and new government in place.                                   Winter, spring and summer would be over. We get monsoon rains in last week of July. So either we will be having rains or waiting for them. In any case, it will be hot and humid. We will be wearing chiffons, georgettes, cotton, khadi, linen and slippers and sandals. Mangoes, melons, litchis,papaya , will be flooding the market while water melons will be bidding bye. Vegetables like ladyfinger, tomato, bitter gourd, gourd, cucumber  will be eaten. Ice-creams, lemon water, squashes, lassi, cold drinks, juices will replace ghee-laden desserts.                                                                                                                                                                                                    Dust, mosquitoes, fly will make life a misery. Power cuts and water shortages add to the woes. Cesar, my dog, will shed hair and be miserable. He will have to be protected from ticks and excessive heat.DSCN0813DSCN0472But once it starts raining the earth begins to revive, the seasonal rivers begin to fill up. The trees and other plants look green and happy. Long walks in the rain and after, eating corn on cob is simply heaven.                        This year on 30th July, we will be celebrating Teej. This festival is celebrated by women in north India. In olden times, married women would visit their parents’ home and friends would gather together, apply henna ,wear bangles and jewellery made of flowers and swing while singing. Puras (waffles dipped in sugary syrup) are served.                                                                                                                                           Nowadays, women simply gather in clubs and parties and celebrate with great enthusiasm.                               Indian literature and art is full of praise for this season when lovers meet and peacocks dance and spread their wonderful plumes.?????????? 


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