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March 1, 2014

When you are having fun, time flies and when you bored or waiting eagerly for something, the time slows down.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    I have had many surreal experiences, especially when I am ill. Sometimes I feel some presence, at times I can even detect a very pleasant scent. If the presence is white, good times follow and black presence indicates betrayal or evil intentions of someone close.                                                                                                                      Once when I woke up from anesthesia after a laparotomy, I was trussed up like a chicken. I could not speak but I could move my arm, so I rattled the side rail but no one heard me. I fell asleep again. When I woke up again, I had tube in my nose, drip on my arm and drain pipe from the abdomen. What a surreal feeling!                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Another experience was when I was a small and had fever. I needed to go to the loo, my mother took my arm. Suddenly the bell rang, she made me sit on a chair to go and answer the door. After a while she returned and took me to the loo and then we went back to my bed. After some time my mother came and asked me how I had returned to my bed and whether I still wanted to go to the loo. We were both shocked when I  told her what had occurred                                                           DSCN2286                                                                DSCN2706



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