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March 6, 2014

Radio has been my faithful companion for so long. Not only the songs but the programmes bring back memories. When we were younger our schedules were timed by the programmes. Hymns we heard on the radio and school assembly are a part of my daily prayers. The songs which are a part of the shared childhood with my brothers, the lullabies that our mother sang to us and those I sang to my daughter, the songs associated with different festivals and songs from movies watched with friends.                                                              However the songs dearest to me are the ones associated with my father. My father was a busy man and had many responsibilities and very little spare time. When he would finally return at night, he would sing a song from a very old hindi movie sung by the very beautiful singer-actress Nur Jahan ‘ Awaz de kahan hai, duniyan meri jawan hai…………’ ( tell me where you are, my world is young.My heart is full of hope). He would tell me that he would sing  ‘chhod gaye balam, mujhe hai akele chhod gaye……’ ( beloved you have left me alone) when I would get married and leave him.DSCN1439d


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  1. Radio is the last line of defence for the imagination. Television has destroyed billions of imaginations. Lovely story.

    • Thank you. I love hearing radio plays and songs on the radio. I also enjoy interviews and talk shows. New stations are ok with their vjs but the old stations have kept the tradition of soft, sweet language and clean content. I keep my radio playing when I do my house work and painting just as it would play when I was a student.

  2. What a lovely story of your father. Is he still alive?

  3. Nur Jahan’s song is one of my favorite song.

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