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May 15, 2014

For several years now we have been cheated of this season. The brief winter season abruptly changes to hot summer.                                                                                                              Valentine Day is celebrated world over and the Hindus also celebrate the wedding of Lord Shiva and Goddess Shakti and the festival of colors, Holi. The hibernating world wakes up. The  birds and bees built nests/hives. The winter flora and vegetables give way to the summer crop. The trees shed leaves and seeds in preparation for the hot days ahead. We bid good-bye to our migratory winged friends.?????????? ?????????? ?????????? DSCN3406 ???????????????????? ??????????


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  1. I always enjoy it when you educate us to a different culture (I’m Irish).
    Your explanation actually sounds more like the truth. With the hibernation waking up and all.

    • Thank you. Truly I do not try to educate but just state facts. Nature is very logical, everything has a purpose.

      • Well, just keep dropping in those facts the way you do. 🙂

      • Sure. Today and for next few days we will be praying hard for formation of a stable government at the Indian Parliament. The need of the hour is capable leaders not wily politicians and lobbying bureaucrats, who have the welfare of people and the nation at heart all over the world. I would love to read about Irish culture- the Irish folklore, Celtic designs,Irish whiskey (though I don’t drink).

  2. beautiful paintings!

  3. beautiful work! love the lightness of your paintings!

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