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August 14, 2014

DSCN0364 100_2272 The rough texture of oil painting with knife.

?????????? The rough but warm lick from Cesar’s tongue and the rough texture of the brick floor.

100_0976 The smooth as silk skin of the baby and the soft loving touch of mother’s love.

DSCN0696 The smooth, fragrant touch of a rose.

Besides, how can one describe the sharp, stinging sensation of injustice?


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  1. So many marvelous textures here. I especially like the last two. We have a fine art museum here in Detroit, and so many of the European paintings from the Renaissance feature the theme of the mother holding her child with the light from above. The image of human hope.

    • Thank you. The painting of mother-child is a part of series of paintings of various facets of a woman. In Hindu religion, woman is worshipped as goddess in different forms. She is the mother goddess Aditi, she is the protector Amba, she is the defender Kaali or Durga, she is the provider Annapurna and so on.
      In this painting, I tried to convey the total absorption with which a mother tends to her child, there is no past,no future, her universe is the child and that is what gives her a divine status.

      • My knowledge of the Hindu religion is minimal, so thanks for sharing the descriptions of goddesses. Historically, women in Christianity have been limited to a Madonna identity as shown in so many of the paintings. Of course, the mother’s absorption with her child is the original human love and the source of hope. What could be more important?

  2. Your last text line caught me by surprise! 🙂

  3. I especially loved the first painting. Marvelous work of art 🙂

    • Thank you. I also loved the way the painting shaped up. I make very few abstracts. The worker returning after a day’s hard work, enjoying the showers, tired but relaxed.

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