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September 22, 2014

After summers, we have 2 months of monsoon. This year, it did not rain those 2 months and we have drought-like conditions in several parts of the country. The rains that came at the tail end of the season wrecked havoc in the form of flash floods in several areas and unprecedented floods in Kashmir.

Autumn days are hot and humid but nights are cooler. Trees shed leaves, bees and wasps try to build their hives, snails get crushed underfoot. It is the season of diseases- conjunctivitis, malaria, dengue, gastro related diseases and so on.

The festive season  begins with Raksha Bandhan (sacred thread is tied by a sister on her brother’s wrist and he promises to love and defend her always) to mark the end of summer. Janam asthami (the birth of Lord Krishna) and Independence Day is celebrated in monsoon.

In autumn, we welcome and worship our departed ancestors for 15 days (Shradhs). This is followed by 9 days of Navratras during which the Mother Goddess is worshiped in her various forms.10th day is Dussehra ( Vijayadashmi- the triumph of good over evil).

20 days later Diwali, the festival of lights, is celebrated. Each of these 20 days are celebrated for various reasons- worshiping Goddess for the sons, women praying for the long life of their husbands. These are days of fasting and feasting, cleaning and decorating the house and preparing the body for the winter season.

For me, this season is tinged with sadness since I lost my mother-in-law in this season about 12 years ago and my mother last month.

As a child, I liked autumn because it never used to be so hot and we would go to watch Ram Leela (the story of Lord Ram enacted every night for 9 days)  culminating in the spectacular burning of effigies of Ravana, his brother Kumbkarana and son Indrajeet on the 10th day.

There would be a sort of excitement and expectancy in the air .Life was simpler then. We would get presents and new clothes, meet friends and relatives and eat sweets and ,most important, holidays. My younger brother has his birthday in autumn.

Hard to capture the feel of those carefree days.DSCN3876




??????????                                                                IMG_5360                                                                        DSCN1644 DUSSHERA



DSCN0740   DSCN1850

I had earlier written a post AUTUMN IS LATE in a more cheerful mood. Please read it for a more balanced view.


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  1. Sonel permalink

    I just love your painting of the Goddess Saraswati Meera. Excellent! 😀

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