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October 9, 2014

CDSCN3115                          DSCN3127 DSCN3103                                DSCN1940   DSCN1936                                                                   DSCN3059                      DSCN3046Despite warning, the winged visitors are being fed.

DSCN0604Photograph clicked by my daughter which was displayed at a Photograph Competition


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  1. Great choices 🙂 I love the ‘sale on sale’ one! And the geese are so sweet, how could one not feed them…

    • The signboards with wrong spelling and literal translation from one language to another make for a good laugh. The slogans and signs written on the back of autos and trucks in India are extremely funny. My daughter has a collection of those but unfortunately, I don’t have any at present.
      Re: feeding the birds, people are not very scrupulous about feeding the birds, they often feed them spiced roasted grams or pop corns and sometimes inedible objects. Salted and spiced food and bread are bad for birds.But, yes watching the goose family is extremely soothing and they are very cute.

  2. Funny signs? — we’ve got quite a good share of them here too!
    On a boring day, they can perk your curiosity. Most of the time, they’re a good source of silly laugh 😀

  3. Great post. The picture of the man looks like an actor from years ago-Raymond Burr.

    • Thank you. The man in the poster is the late Shammi Kapoor, a very famous and dashing hero of the Bollywood movies (Hindi movies) in the 60’s.This poster shows him when he was middle aged. The theme of the fair where this photograph was taken,was Bollywood.

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