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January 17, 2016

Animals live in packs,  humans live in societies. Birds and animals get together to feed.

Humans get together to celebrate or form a crowd to protest.

Saathi haath badana

ek akela thak jayega

mil kar bojh uthana…..

(friend(s) lend a hand. One person alone will tire soon, together we can carry the load.

aao jhoome gayein

mil kar dhoom machaayein

chun lein gam ke kaantein

khushion ke phool khilayein….

(come let us dance, sing and make merry together. Let us remove the thorns of sorrow and let the flowers of happiness bloom…)DSCN3162

  1. Nice drawing . . . reminds me of swing dancing. : )

    • Thank you. This is a painting in Warli art depicting the festival of Holi where people throw coloured water or colours on each other- dance and make merry.
      Warli art is a folk art form of India. A paste of rice was used to paint scenes on the walls of the house. Simple geometric symbols-circles, triangles and lines are used.

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