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March 9, 2016

DSCN0283Shakti and Shiva represent the manifested and the unmanifested. Shakti is the formed and Shiva is formless; Shiva is consciousness and Shakti is energy. The roots of Shakti are in Shiva. Shakti is change within changelessness and Shiva is the changelessness in the root of change. Shiv and Shakti are united such that they are one entity.

In the Spring season, the season of love and romance, the marriage of Shakti and Shiva is celebrated as also is celebrated the Festival of Colours, Holi, associated with the Divine eternal lovers Radha Krishna. DSCN0274s (4)This painting depicts how spices were ground by the women, the long stick was hit by force in the vessel by the women in such unerring harmony that they never clashed. All this while the women sang beautiful songs.DSCN1036 Joining of hands is a symbol of the harmony with which the husband and wife work to make their married life a success100_1216School of DolphinsDSCN3162Dancers moving in harmony 100_0978Whether Western musical instruments or Western notes or Oriental, these need to be in harmony for good music to be played100_0979


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  1. Loved the way you have strung together your paintings with the Shiv-Shakti theme – they are totally harmonious…!! Thank you.

    And the dolphins painting is awesome!

  2. Beautiful and creative paintings.

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