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July 11, 2016

Thanks to the social media, you search for any person, make contact and keep in touch. I looked up for some of my friends from my school, university and other good friends whom I had lost contact.Some of my friends found me. Recently 2 of my friends from the University visited with their families (looked me up) when they were in the city. It was fun catching up and remembering the incidents from university days which was the best time of my life. The best part is that now you don’t have to wonder, you know how your friends are doing.IMG-20160611-WA0050

When we were children, we slept in the open, on the terrace under the canopy of stars. How many times we tried to pluck the shiny bright stars from the inky black sky.Our bodies smeared with Odomos  (mosquito repellant) or Mustard oil, we would lie on crisp white cotton sheets listening to stories from mythology, stories of the constellations,stories of  Chanda Mama (the Moon),the old woman on the moon spinning the wheel and so on.We had our favourite stars . We could hear the sounds of the night birds, insects and the trains from the railway station…..

Now when I look at the ceiling, I can see the fan whirring.IMG_20160710_180229

IMG_20160605_203019The photograph of the streetlight through a tree.

The wilting plants, birds, animals, men look up with hope at the burning Sun and the heavy clouds that promise rains but shed no water. Is this going to another failed monsoon?

The memorial of Baba Banda Singh Bahadur during the day and during the LASER show to celebrate the 300 years of his martrydom.


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