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October 14, 2016

img_20161012_081706Lord Krishna plays Divine Music

This painting made with mixed media uses motifs from different forms of Indian art predominantly Madhubani form of art. When Krishna makes enchanting music with His flute, the entire creation is spellbound. The Sun brightens the world with its golden rays, the trees bloom and sway, the peacocks dance, the waves of river Yamuna dance alongwith the fish and the calf stops grazing and cuddles with Krishna looking adoringly at Him.img_20160830_062258Sunrise on a Cloudy Morning

In this part of India, the rainfall during monsoon was deficit.Every time dark clouds gathered in the sky, we prayed for rain.

On the other hand, many parts of India received so much rain that there were floods, even in areas which had been facing droughts for so many years. There was death and destruction. Villages and cities were washed away. People lost their homes and livelihoods. With the flooding of Sanctuaries and jungles, the wild animals had no place to go. With the flooding of fields not only was the crop lost but also the fields are now useless for agriculture long after the waters recede.

Those without means had to undergo hardships. People carried their sick loved ones on their backs for long, long distances to the hospitals and other  carried their dead to perform their last rites,in the absence of ambulances and funeral vans.

Water borne diseases and those caused by mosquito bites are on the rise.img_20160713_183655Rains At Last!

Yes, we did get occasional showers……

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