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img_20161012_081706Lord Krishna plays Divine Music

This painting made with mixed media uses motifs from different forms of Indian art predominantly Madhubani form of art. When Krishna makes enchanting music with His flute, the entire creation is spellbound. The Sun brightens the world with its golden rays, the trees bloom and sway, the peacocks dance, the waves of river Yamuna dance alongwith the fish and the calf stops grazing and cuddles with Krishna looking adoringly at Him.img_20160830_062258Sunrise on a Cloudy Morning

In this part of India, the rainfall during monsoon was deficit.Every time dark clouds gathered in the sky, we prayed for rain.

On the other hand, many parts of India received so much rain that there were floods, even in areas which had been facing droughts for so many years. There was death and destruction. Villages and cities were washed away. People lost their homes and livelihoods. With the flooding of Sanctuaries and jungles, the wild animals had no place to go. With the flooding of fields not only was the crop lost but also the fields are now useless for agriculture long after the waters recede.

Those without means had to undergo hardships. People carried their sick loved ones on their backs for long, long distances to the hospitals and other  carried their dead to perform their last rites,in the absence of ambulances and funeral vans.

Water borne diseases and those caused by mosquito bites are on the rise.img_20160713_183655Rains At Last!

Yes, we did get occasional showers……



DSCN4374A nest discarded by Red vented Bulbul pair. Difficult to believe that the pair raised three young ones in this nest. The pair kept it absolutely neat when the fledglings were in the nest.



IMG_20150515_185542 Fungus in the cosmetic testers  of a leading cosmetic company



IMG_20150520_052956 A hole in the ground made by a person, rodent or……..


My lab. Cesar and I go for a walk very early in the morning, just as the Sun is lighting up the eastern sky. The sound of the night birds and the songs of the waking birds is so pleasant but the cherry on the cake is when just ahead of you, suddenly from the bushes a peacock takes flight to cross the road or you watch a crow teaching navigation to its young one. Simply amazing!

Friday morning which was the 2nd morning after full moon night was  cloudy. Suddenly 2 white lined clouds parted to reveal a sliver of the white Moon. Slowly the clouds drew apart to reveal the entire Moon. It was such a wonderful, almost divine experience.

Not all sights can be captured n the camera. The poem ‘Daffodils’ by William Wordsworth says it all:


For oft,when on my couch I lie

In vacant or in pensive mood,

They flash upon that inward eye

Which is the bliss of solitude;

And then my heart with pleasure fills,

And dances with the daffodils.

DSCN4239 Cherry on the cake for the thirsty squirrel was the piece of bread it found in the water dish


Light and DarkDSCN5284



Before and After. The mango that fell from the tree was eaten away by the ants.DSCN0948


Young and Old. Everyone enjoying themselves at the fair


Thanks to the social media, you search for any person, make contact and keep in touch. I looked up for some of my friends from my school, university and other good friends whom I had lost contact.Some of my friends found me. Recently 2 of my friends from the University visited with their families (looked me up) when they were in the city. It was fun catching up and remembering the incidents from university days which was the best time of my life. The best part is that now you don’t have to wonder, you know how your friends are doing.IMG-20160611-WA0050

When we were children, we slept in the open, on the terrace under the canopy of stars. How many times we tried to pluck the shiny bright stars from the inky black sky.Our bodies smeared with Odomos  (mosquito repellant) or Mustard oil, we would lie on crisp white cotton sheets listening to stories from mythology, stories of the constellations,stories of  Chanda Mama (the Moon),the old woman on the moon spinning the wheel and so on.We had our favourite stars . We could hear the sounds of the night birds, insects and the trains from the railway station…..

Now when I look at the ceiling, I can see the fan whirring.IMG_20160710_180229

IMG_20160605_203019The photograph of the streetlight through a tree.

The wilting plants, birds, animals, men look up with hope at the burning Sun and the heavy clouds that promise rains but shed no water. Is this going to another failed monsoon?

The memorial of Baba Banda Singh Bahadur during the day and during the LASER show to celebrate the 300 years of his martrydom.


The birds fly in the sky and the fish swim in the water because of their beautifully streamlined bodies. The parrot has a strong curved beak to be able to crack nuts and fruits and scoop out the edible part.

How boring the landscape would be if the plants grew in a straight line and if our eyebrows were absolutely straight, how would our eyes ‘speak’?


DSCN3918 Train and TracksIMG_20150825_234158~2 Bird and Nectar

In pairsIMG_20150803_092513 Boat and Oars.Siblings100_1936 Flowers and Vases (4)

Women crushing spices in tandem

Candle/ Lamp and Wick/Light – Diya aur Batti


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